Ashes & Resurrection: How Covid days are Shaping us for Newness

With help from Rev Dr. Catherine Smith, participants discussed challenges and opportunities experienced while being the Church during COVID-19 and how this time is shaping us for newness. Catherine Smith is the initiator of Rural Routes through the Holy, Governance as Spiritual Practice, Pausing Together Gatherings and Table Church.

Rev. Dr. Catherine Smith is captivated by the strength and value of small things: small practices, small congregations, small moments, and how they may be portals to go deeper into the vastness and freedom of life in God. Her doctoral work explores how vulnerability, when lived with intention and courage, offers us great gifts for ministry and daily life. Catherine is in ministry with the Bayfield-Little Shemogue Pastoral Charge in rural NB. Her website is

You can watch Catherine Smith’s reflection below.

You can view summaries of the workshop as well as additional resources below.

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