Getting into Music: Music in Rural Communities

By: Erin Pajunen Jones This article is written by Erin Pajunen Jones, who lives on a farm just outside the small Saskatchewan community of Lucky Lake.  Last year, as the local minister created online resources for their congregation, he asked the Jones boys to participate, and they did. The Lord of the Dance starts atContinue reading “Getting into Music: Music in Rural Communities”

The Cup of Kindness Project: An Idea for Congregations from Erin United Church

By: Felicia Urbanski  This beautiful teacup and saucer, called “Pansies”, is the symbol of a special program for our congregation here at Erin United Church!  Most of us already do more than we brag about to help others… all this important project does is put a name or a focus on our kindnesses. For oneContinue reading “The Cup of Kindness Project: An Idea for Congregations from Erin United Church”

How are you handling Church and Technology?

For many of the churches across Canada, COVID has changed how we do “Church”. Technology has allowed many of us to meet online, using video and written content. We have realized, “We, the people, are the “Church” – not the building. Yet many of us are wondering, “What’s next”? In the last few months, workshopsContinue reading “How are you handling Church and Technology?”

Studying How the Sacred Touches Our Lives – by Joyce Sasse

When colleagues and friends honoured me recently and helped me celebrate the granting of a Doctor of Divinity Degree from St. Andrew’s Theological College (University of Saskatchewan), others asked “What does a Doctor of Divinity University Degree mean?” Furthermore, when a very astute newspaper reporter questioned my explanation that “Divinity” was one of the basicContinue reading “Studying How the Sacred Touches Our Lives – by Joyce Sasse”

Seasoned writer Joyce Sasse publishes new book: “Gleanings from a Prairie Pastor”

“Gleanings from a Prairie Pastor” is an e-book collection of rural community memories and writings penned by Joyce Sasse. Through storytelling, the publication reflects on the deep spiritual hunger and rich cultural heritage of our rural communities. Hot off the press, this e-book is available through CiRCLE M, an organization dedicated to rural ministry leadershipContinue reading “Seasoned writer Joyce Sasse publishes new book: “Gleanings from a Prairie Pastor””

Ecclesiastes and Old Time Radio: by an Old Time Radio Enthusiast

By: Rev. Martin Dawson (retired and living in Cornwall PEI) Recently, Prince Edward Island celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first international radio broadcast on the island. Yes, on March 11, 1921, Keith Rogers set up some rather strange looking equipment, and a group of enthusiasts eventually picked up a broadcast from Schenectady New York.Continue reading “Ecclesiastes and Old Time Radio: by an Old Time Radio Enthusiast”

Mini Workshop on Practical Technology for Rural Churches

On March 18, 2021 participants gathered for a workshop discussing helping churches with their online worship amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Our two workshop facilitators, Rev. Martin Dawson and Peter Chynoweth led participants through inexpensive possibilities for adapting worship while in-person services are not possible. To view plenary reflections and the reflection by Martin Dawson pleaseContinue reading “Mini Workshop on Practical Technology for Rural Churches”

Ashes & Resurrection: How Covid days are Shaping us for Newness

With help from Rev Dr. Catherine Smith, participants discussed challenges and opportunities experienced while being the Church during COVID-19 and how this time is shaping us for newness. Catherine Smith is the initiator of Rural Routes through the Holy, Governance as Spiritual Practice, Pausing Together Gatherings and Table Church. Rev. Dr. Catherine Smith is captivatedContinue reading “Ashes & Resurrection: How Covid days are Shaping us for Newness”