Report on Collaborative Ministry Workshop, April 27, 2023

Obviously, friends, this is a very timely issue. There were 32 people on line, and lively discussion took place about collaborative ministry. The time opened with worship led by Elizabeth Cunningham, found in printed outline on the UCRMN website. To begin, short presentations were made by Doug Brown, who participated in the Bruce United ChurchContinue reading “Report on Collaborative Ministry Workshop, April 27, 2023”

Report on IRCA Quadrennial, April 13 – 19, 2023

IRCA 23 was hosted by Wartburg Seminary and held in a Best Western hotel in Dubuque. Rev. Dr. Mark Yackel-Juleen, Wartburg Director of the Centre forTheology and Land and professor of Small Town and Rural Ministries, was thechair of IRCA this quadrennial. There were 20 IRCA registrants, 3 from Canada (Catherine and Eric with hisContinue reading “Report on IRCA Quadrennial, April 13 – 19, 2023”

Book Review: It’s Real Ministry

A Review of It’s Real Ministry: How Part-Time and Bi-Vocational Clergy are Challenging and Empowering the Church, by I. Ross Bartlett (Friesen Press, Altona MB, 2022). You might remember seeing an email about a survey of ministers who work in more than one job. That’s how I became involved in this study initiated by Rev.Continue reading “Book Review: It’s Real Ministry”

Checking in with the Rural Church

Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Peter Bartlett, Eastern Ontario Outaouais Regional Council, Regional Minister Supporting Visioning with Communities of Faith, Clusters, and Social Justice and Outreach Networks. January 19, 2023 A very balanced group of 34 participants from east to west attended this workshop. Thank you for attending and sharing your thoughts and feelings. Peter introducedContinue reading “Checking in with the Rural Church”


Submitted by Catherine Christie (service found in Mandate, 2010, prepared by Miles Russell) Greeting and Announcements Call to Worship: After the dormancy of winter,    new growth springs to life.   The birds return from their southern home.   Buds emerge on the trees as they discover again the warmth of the earth.   Crocuses and other early springContinue reading “WORSHIP FOR RURAL LIFE SUNDAY”

Saying What’s In Your Heart

By Joyce SasseSubmitted by Catherine Christie Editors note: this is an Easter memory from Joyce Sasse, reproduced from her ebook, Gleanings from a Prairie Pastor (available for downloading from Centre for Rural Community Leadership and Ministry, are never easy.  t takes time to unload the baggage. That’s what I learned when I was helping ourContinue reading “Saying What’s In Your Heart”

Proposal GCE 06 Summary: Thoughts from Zoom Workshop

Re: GS 128 and GCE 06 Thursday April 28, 2022 @ 4 pm EDT 25 participants from Victoria Island in British Columbia to Newfoundland. Opened and closed with “One More Step Along the World, I Go”. Clarification: GS 128 was the original document and has been withdrawn and replaced by GCE 06. The General CouncilContinue reading “Proposal GCE 06 Summary: Thoughts from Zoom Workshop”