Book Review: It’s Real Ministry

A Review of It’s Real Ministry: How Part-Time and Bi-Vocational Clergy are Challenging and Empowering the Church, by I. Ross Bartlett (Friesen Press, Altona MB, 2022). You might remember seeing an email about a survey of ministers who work in more than one job. That’s how I became involved in this study initiated by Rev.Continue reading “Book Review: It’s Real Ministry”

The Star City Community Pantry

No one came for food on the last Thursday of February 2021, the first time the Star City Community Pantry opened for the designated one hour per week. The two volunteers did not consider feeling discouraged, they knew there were people in this small town of 460 people who would benefit. The table in theContinue reading “The Star City Community Pantry”

Checking in with the Rural Church

Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Peter Bartlett, Eastern Ontario Outaouais Regional Council, Regional Minister Supporting Visioning with Communities of Faith, Clusters, and Social Justice and Outreach Networks. January 19, 2023 A very balanced group of 34 participants from east to west attended this workshop. Thank you for attending and sharing your thoughts and feelings. Peter introducedContinue reading “Checking in with the Rural Church”

Trauma, Grief and Recovery

Report on Trauma WorkshopOctober 13, 2022UCRMN offered a fall workshop on Trauma, Grief and Recovery, called Ministry in the Midst, and offered by Rev. Michele Rowe of Maple Creek, Sask. Michele is Certified as a Community and Workplace Traumatologist and happens to hold a Social Work degree as well as being a minister to aContinue reading “Trauma, Grief and Recovery”