We have a number of partner organizations which we invite you to explore and connect with below.

CiRCLe M is an interdenominational organization, working in partnership with the Saskatoon Theological Union. As our name suggests, CiRCLe M’s central purpose is rural ministry leadership development. We strive to equip clergy and lay leaders in rural and remote places to help their churches be catalysts for the development of healthy Canadian communities.

The United Church of Canada has established an initiative call Rural Connect.  The goal of Rural Connect is to support rural churches through the use of technology. Rural Connect has been established to support rural congregations through the use of technology. Using the model of a hub church partnering with satellite churches, a cluster of congregations are joined together for a fully interactive, live worship service with participation from all of the partner churches. All the technology is controlled by the hub/host church, and the satellite/partner churches receive a box with all the equipment fully configured and ready to go – they don’t even need internet.

A joint venture of The United Church of Canada, Canadian Shield Region and St. John’s United Church of Canada (Marathon, ON). Contributing worship leaders and their communities of faith have volunteered liturgies for worship, sermons/reflections, and creative time and energy. We add digital presentations to support the liturgies and video versions of the sermons/reflections, asking that participants always acknowledge the work of the authors and their Community(ies) of Faith for their generosity and discipleship.

Five years ago, two LLWLs and their Minister saw the need to train lay people, leaders in their churches, to lead worship when their Pastoral Charge were not able to call a minister.  It was important to train people in their own communities using online resources using an adult learning model where all participants and a mentor working in small groups are responsible for everyone’s learning.  The Licensed Lay Worship Leadership Online course was born. 

The purpose of the Rural Church Network of the United States and Canada is to be a forum for sharing among denominational leaders and other town and rural strategic partners working for wholeness and health of rural churches and communities.

The Canadian Rural Church Network (CRCN) is an organization of persons (lay and clergy) who have a passion for enhancing the quality of life in rural communities… believing that feelings of isolation and despair can be overcome when people of the land gather to share stories about positive possibilities.

The International Rural Churches Association is a network of people with a passion for rural communities, based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They seek to support one another in their mission of connecting the gospel and rural life in a local context. They share stories of struggle and stories of hope, joined by a reliance on the land and sea for livelihood and by determination and hope because of faith in the triune God. Their vision is to be a voice for the rural community worldwide and to encourage sustainable rural communities and practices.

Presently, Rural Routes Atlantic is working on a series of podcasts that are to feature the stories of rural congregations, especially as they prepare for the Advent/Christmas season within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stay tuned, as we will post a link on this page when available.