“Pastoral Care to the Rural Church”

Thursday November at 2 pm Atlantic Time, 1 pm Eastern Time. 12 pm Central Time, 11 am Mountain Time and 10 am Pacific Time.

Important to the Rural Church culture is Pastoral Care/Visitation. Parishioners stay in contact with each other. They are quick to share with their minister when someone needs an immediate visit or when they are in hospital.

What to do when you are a Rural Congregation without a minister? How might the lay folks set up a Pastoral Care/Visitation team? What can you do? What are the expectations – or what should the expectations be? Can you hire a Pastoral Care Visitor? Who is eligible to do Pastoral Care/Visitation?

If you are in this situation – join us for this Zoom Round Table, where together we share wisdom, experience and best practices in Pastoral Care/Visitation.

Reverend Kathy Douglas from the Antler River Watershed Regional Staff has led similar Zoom-Round Table gatherings on Pastoral Care/Visitation. Kathy will share her experiences and facilitate your questions about “Pastoral Care/Visitation to the Rural Church.”

There is no cost for this workshop.

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