The Cup of Kindness Project: An Idea for Congregations from Erin United Church

By: Felicia Urbanski

 This beautiful teacup and saucer, called “Pansies”, is the symbol of a special program for our congregation here at Erin United Church!  Most of us already do more than we brag about to help others… all this important project does is put a name or a focus on our kindnesses.

For one week you can “fill your cup with kindness”…. 5 individual acts will do it….6 will make it overflow!  It is not really a competition, but we think it will be fun!  If you have a cup and saucer in your house, please use it to drop a little tab in when you complete each act of kindness.  On Sundays we will bring our cups to our Zoom service and take some of our time to reflect on our results.  Eventually when the pandemic ends, we will have a giant tea party for all.   Be kind and have fun!! 

Remember to keep a smile on your face!

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